4 Ways To Get Your Summer Work Productivity To All Time High

Coworking Space

The sun is shining, the beach may be calling, but sometimes summer can cause a slower pipeline and lack of employee momentum. Here’s a few ways in which you can use the summer months to your advantage and keep productivity at an all time high.

1. Give yourself room for some blue sky thinking

Summer brings with it a bit of breathing space to realign priorities and reassess any strategies. Break away from the pack and catch up on any projects that have fallen to the wayside, focus fully on a rebrand, or employee training. Settle yourself in a coworking space that opens up new networking opportunities and gives you the space you need to get ahead.

2. Get yourself an appealing office space

Whether you’re working from home, or back in the office, if your workspace is less than inspiring, then summer is your perfect time to seek out one that is. Bold, vibrant colours that bring the outside in, can bring a refreshing burst of energy to your working day. And we have a coworking space in the heart of Cardiff, that is both bright and beautiful.

3. Appraise away

If you are using quieter summer months to get through your staff appraisals, then why not take your meetings to a different location and re-engage with your team on neutral territory. Not only will they feel like you have made an effort, they will also benefit from having your undivided attention in different surroundings, and you can avoid any distractions from fellow colleagues.

4. Organise a team building away day

There may be fewer employees about, but there is nothing stopping you ensuring they stay motivated and happy. Encouraging a little relaxation in a new environment can work wonders to boost productivity. We offer an adrenaline filled ‘team away day package’ in Cardiff, which is perfect for hot summer days.

If you are looking to explore coworking space in Cardiff for yourself and your team, in the heart of Cardiff then get in touch to see how we can tailor make a space suited to you.

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