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4 Reasons why a short stay apartment in Cardiff is a godsend in 2021…

The attractiveness of short-stay apartments has been on the rise for a good few years now. Throw a global pandemic into the mix, and their many benefits shine over and above hotel rooms, any day of the week. By short-term, we mean anything from three-nights up to a few months.

Business travellers, construction worker contractors and those from outside Cardiff working on short-term contracts in the city, often need to use serviced accommodation in Cardiff for short periods. As do people visiting family, families needing somewhere to stay whilst renovating their homes or people who’ve moved into the area for work but are still looking for somewhere to live. Of course, it would also be a simple case of tourists who want to spend a week or two in Cardiff on a city break or enjoying the local beaches and tourist hot spots such as Barry Island, on holiday.

Whatever the reason you’re looking to stay in Cardiff, here’s our rundown of four reasons why booking a short-stay serviced studio or stylish apartment in Cardiff is a godsend in 2021;

  1. Stay as safe as houses – Self-contained apartments are as close as you can get to a homestay. From the safety aspect of occupying your own space, to having a fully functional kitchen and living area, serviced apartments and studios in Cardiff will help you to feel more relaxed and happy about staying away from home.
  2. Save more the longer you stay – With many of use having to tighten our belts, it may surprise you to know that staying in a serviced apartment often works out to be much cheaper than a hotel room, especially if you need two or three bedrooms to accommodate a family.
  3. Keep it in the family – Hotel rooms have never been an ideal solution for families. Sitting in silence while the kids fall asleep quickly takes any pleasure out of a night away. Serviced apartments offer a far better solution, with separate bedrooms for children and space for them to play, eat and enjoy themselves.
  4. We choose the best locations – You will have the perfect base whether you are staying for business or leisure. Whether you need a base to work, want to explore, eat and drink in style or enjoy the best culture we’ve got a stylish apartment for you!

If you’re looking to stay in Cardiff in 2021, then take a look at our multiple serviced apartments and studios located across the city.

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